A Labor of Love

Where the traditional and the modern worlds meet

Cedar wood

The cedar wood is sourced in France and Ireland, from local producers. It's a light but strong wood. Non only does it have purification property, but it also smells amazing. 

Machine sanding

After cutting the wood into small pieces, I glue them together. This sanding machine is the perfect tool to smooth the angles and turn them into a round.

¨Preparing the skin

Working with the animal skin is always quite special. While I cut it to the right shape, I connect with the spirit of the animal to prepare it for it's next journey. 

Putting the skin on the drum

After letting the skin soak into warm water for a night, it's time to put it all together. That part of the process is all about finding the right tension so that the sound of the drum is deep but the skin doesn't break. 



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