On this one day workshop, I will guide you through the different steps of the process leading to the completion of the drum, including the rituals, putting the skin on the hoop, weaving the cross on the back of the drum and making the beater.


Creating your own drum is more than just the actual making. It will be a day of connection, healing and caring for yourself. And I will be there with you, and only you.


To prepare for the workshop, I will get in touch with you so that I can choose the skin and the hoop that I will have created having your energy and intention in mind.


  • Initial phone call to choose the skin and the size of the drum

  • Your own drum and beater, and the materials

  • An opening ceremony, to open up the space and connect with the Earth, the Elements and the Spirit of the Drum

  • A shamanic journey to connect with the animal and the wood

  • A ritual to connect with your own drum when it’s ready, that you can re-use later

  • As much tea / cookies / chocolate as needed

  • My full attention and guidance, just for you for the day

Get in Touch!

Send me an email so we can choose the size, the skin, the date and discuss the logistics.

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